Fermentation method of bee feed

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A lot of bee friend know bee pollen substitutes of feed after fermentation, feeding effect will be greatly improved, fermentation process can not only remove the anti nutritional factors, but also produce lactic acid and other fermentation products, bee like feeding. But their fermentation often fails, the effect is not good, and even the fermentation of bees do not eat, mainly because of the operation may not be caused when. Fermentation, strain, oxygen, temperature for the greatest impact of fermentation process, control is not wonderful easy fermentation failure, material waste, may also introduce pathogens, not worth the candle.

Factory production, the general use of complex microbial community, by Bacillus subtilis (aerobic fermentation, yeast (anaerobic fermentation, lactic acid bacteria (anaerobic fermentation) three steps, using pure culture fermentation in a controlled environment production, stable product quality good, ordinary bee friends may not have such a condition, so using bee friendly method and factory production also very different. In this paper, the author briefly introduces the technical methods of ordinary bee friends can be used for reference.

Strains. Bee friends of the production of fermented bee bread, you can use 2 kinds of strains. A honey, honey contains sugar tolerant yeast, diluted yeast will multiply, bee friend when in use, can take honey produced in, by adding a small amount of water, placed at room temperature for a day, honey will appear initial signs of fermentation, then brought as the fermentation strain just. A bee bread, namely takes the natural bee bread, after crush as bacteria, bee bread containing bacillus, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and the most suitable as the strain, but bee bread is difficult to remove, bee friendly material is not easy to, is generally not recommended. Bee friends do not recommend the purchase of yeast as fermentation strains, because the market is used to send bread yeast, yeast and honey bee hive yeast is not the same, the use of the effect may not be good.

Oxygen. Bee pollen fermentation is anaerobic fermentation, this is because in the oxygen free environment, yeast and lactic acid bacteria can occupy a dominant position, in order to achieve the desired effect of fermentation. If there is oxygen, it will breed mold, produce toxins, but harmful to the bees. Factory production, in order to achieve better effect, the use of Bacillus subtilis first fermentation step, this is because the factory production, raw material for sterilization, is a pure strain; bee friend without such conditions, it must be completely cut off from the air or fermentation must fail. In order to isolate the air, fermented feed to adjust the humidity of some of the air out of the feed, sealed with a thick plastic bag packaging, packaging, or leave the air. Packaging is the best use of small packaging, easy to use when a run out, because the packaging once open, there will be air to enter, miscellaneous bacteria will breed, fermented bee grain will quickly deteriorate, the quality of straight down. When using, with the use, how much to take, to ensure quality.

Temperature. The growth of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria need appropriate temperature, if the temperature is too low, bacteria will seize the opportunity to sneak, fermentation will fail, therefore should be above 20 degrees in the fermentation temperature, the temperature is too low, would rather not operation, so as not to waste money and energy, delay feeding bees.

Recommended formula ratio alternative pollen feed: white sugar: water =2:1:1, sugar should not be more, the concentration is too high to inhibit microbial growth, but also one of the reasons for the failure of fermentation. Temperature 30 degrees, at least 5 days fermentation before they can be used; if the temperature is below 30 degrees, the fermentation time is greatly extended, at least 15 days; if less than 20 degrees, do not recommend fermentation, easy to fail.

The above operation method is recommended to use the beekeeper and remote areas bee friend, professional beekeeping suggest the best direct purchase, their operation not only trouble, but also have the risk of failure may fail to achieve the expected effect.

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